Ten Tips for Creating an A+ RFP Document

Creating a well outlined, instructive RFP will help ensure you receive comprehensive responses to make an educated, fully informed decision.

In this eBook, we provide our very best “need to know” tips from our archives of student financial services RFPs that we feel will help you create an A+ document, ensuring you receive informative responses to make your decision process easier. These tips include everything from the cover page, terms and conditions, attachments and more.  There is even a “free” sample RFP template  available in a Word document to help you build an organized, comprehensive request for proposal in order to yield informative responses for your decision process.This sample document contains examples of:

  • Providing helpful background information
  • Outlining the scope of your project
  • Sample student financial services product questions
  • Pricing template and more


Download and share this eBook today!