A Guide Toward a Paperless Campus

How to Cut Costs and Boost Effectiveness by Going Digital

A Guide Toward a Paperless Campus eBook Cover- Small.png

For  years, “going green” has been a conscious appeal to limit use of paper and save trees.  And while many colleges and universities have taken strides to be environmentally friendly and go paperless, monetary results -  rather than saved trees -  are simply more convincing reasons for business officers to make sweeping changes.

In this ebook the numbers speak for themselves by looking as a few examples of how schools have achieved significant cost savings with the process of digitizing.  If your campus is still printing and filing paper documents, download this quick guide to why you should reconsider and how you can start the process to paperless.

Highlights include:

  • Why Go Paperless
  • Making a Decision
  • Implementing a System
  • Ensuring Success